A Digital Asset For The Future Of Freelancing

Tokenza is building the most advanced platform for entrepreneurs and blockchain freelancers.

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What is Tokenza?

Tokenza is a blockchain fundraising and freelancing platform where people can contribute to promising projects by giving money, or by offering expertise and freelancing services.

How does it work?

The platform is composed of entrepreneurs, blockchain investors, freelancers and curators. All participants use our digital token, named TKZ, as a unit of value exchange.

  • Entrepreneurs submit ideas and projects to the community
  • Investors use TKZ to support projects in which they want to invest
  • Freelancers offer workforce and services, and get paid in TKZ
  • Curators earn TKZ to audit, review and rate projects and people
KYC/AML Compliance

Know your customer, and be confident about people you are working with.

Internal Scoring System

Each participant has an internal scoring and social pressure to reach goals.

Curators and Ratings

Independent curators review projects, fundraising campaigns and people.

Nash Equilibrium

Participants are incentivized to behave honestly and play by the rules.

Why Tokenza?

Decentralization of services and industries is becoming a necessity to limit the supremacy of governments and large corporations. Tokenza's vision is a world where people have fair equal access to money, online security, quality of life and freedom of work.

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Raising money is not the end game. On Tokenza, entrepreneurs can hire a network of freelancers and experts to help them work on the next big thing.


Nobody wants to miss a new amazing project. Freelancers can monetize their services and get paid to help people create disruptive products.

Investors and Curators

Thanks to Tokenza, everyone can hire independent curators to get fair reviews, conduct background check, and add strong credibility to projects, campaigns and people.

  • Verified users, KYC/AML compliance
  • Internal scoring of each participant
  • Escrow and refund smart contracts
  • Multiple fundraising rounds
  • And much more ...

The TKZ Token

Name Tokenza
Symbol TKZ
Blockchain Ethereum
Pricing 1 TKZ = 0.00025 ETH (1 ETH = 4,000 TKZ)

Meet The Team

Vincent Fontaine

Founding CEO

Anne Lemonnier

Chief Operating Officer

Jérôme Renard

Founding CTO

Max Unger

Chief Token Officer

Azam Shaghaghi

Chief Evangelist Officer

Aliaksandr Charnou

Bounty Manager

We're Hiring

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Sylvain Morel

Serial Entrepreneur

Vidal Chriqui

Blockchain Expert

Remigio Bongulielmi

ICO Advisor, KPMG

Sebastien Robert

Computer Scientist

Kevin Codfert

System Engineer

Julien Derivière

Network Engineer, Ubisoft

Dan Khomenko

ICO Advisor

Charles Phandinh

Strategy Advisor

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    • Development of Mockups & Artworks
    • Development of UI components
    • Non-functional Prototype
    • Token Sale Landing Page
    • Functional Prototype
    • Creation of Bounty Programs
    • BitcoinTalk Announcement
    • Token Design & Smart Contract
    • Server & Network Security
    • Company Incorporation
    • Legal & Structuring
    • Seed Funding
    • Wallet Development
    • Token Sale
    • Release of Private Alpha
    • APIs & Developer Widgets
    • PR & Online Marketing
    • Release of Public Alpha
    • Freelancers Acquisiton
    • Business Development
    • Release of Public Beta
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • International Expansion
    • Official Product Launch