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Tokenza is building the most advanced decentralized crowdfunding and freelancing platform on the blockchain. The company's mission is to help people bring new inspiring projects to life.

Mission Statement

Tokenza helps people bring creative and inspiring projects to life.


Less than one year ago, many people had not even heard about cryptocurrencies. This space was generally limited to a crowd of developers and early adopters. Recently, thanks to a growing international community, things are beginning to change. Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and decentralization have become topics of mainstream conversation.

Decentralization of services and industries is becoming a clear necessity to limit the supremacy of governments, whilst also mitigating the growing threat and number of hacking attempts on centralized systems. Hopefully, decentralization will help people create a better world, where humanity has fair equal access to money, online security, quality of life and freedom of work.

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Meet The Team

Vincent Fontaine

Founding CEO

Anne Lemonnier

Chief Operating Officer

Jérôme Renard

Founding CTO

Max Unger

Chief Token Officer

Azam Shaghaghi

Chief Evangelist Officer

Aliaksandr Charnou

Bounty Manager

We're Hiring

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Sylvain Morel

Serial Entrepreneur

Vidal Chriqui

Blockchain Expert

Remigio Bongulielmi

ICO Advisor, KPMG

Sebastien Robert

Computer Scientist

Kevin Codfert

System Engineer

Julien Derivière

Network Engineer, Ubisoft

Dan Khomenko

ICO Advisor

Charles Phandinh

Strategy Advisor

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