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The TKZ Token

Name Tokenza
Symbol TKZ
Pricing 1 TKZ = {{ format4(1/newsletter.investor_price) }} ETH (1 ETH = {{ format(newsletter.investor_price) + " TKZ"}})
Total Supply 250,000,000 TKZ will be ever minted (no more)
Tokens For Sale 95,000,000 TKZ (38% of the total supply)
Blockchain Ethereum
Type ERC223 (standard ERC20 compatible token)
Decimal 18
Min Cap 10,000,000 TKZ sold (refund if below)
Goal 40,000,000 TKZ sold
Hard Cap 95,000,000 TKZ sold (campaign ends if beyond)
Unsold Tokens
  • 40% will be burned.
  • 30% will be transfered to our operation fund (business development, further fundraising rounds, incentive of new executives etc.)
  • 30% will be used for user acquisition (freelancers, curators and investors).
Information Tokenza may ask for information and documents about the purchaser to comply with any applicable laws.
KYC Policy During the public crowdsale, Tokenza will conduct Know Your Customer ("KYC") procedure for orders exceeding a total value of $5,000 USD. This would entail the purchasers to submit their passport or ID photo, and utility bill. A legal person should submit the general manager’s passport photo, the company owner’s structure and extract from company registry.
Start Date TBA
End Date TBA

Initial Token Distribution

Founders' tokens are locked for 12 months after the token sale ends. Then, 10% of their tokens will be released each month (10 payments).

Use of Funds

To ensure a minimum liquidity of TKZ at cold start, Tokenza will use a significant portion of the ETH raised during the token sale to buy back TKZ tokens at a fixed price. The rest of the funds raised will be used to develop the project and the company.

Note: For more accuracy, the marketing budget is split in 3 parts: Advertising, User Acquisition and Communication & PR.

Liquidity Contract

A significant amount of funds raised during the token sale will be stored in a liquidity contract so you can sell your TKZ tokens immediately after the token sale ends.

Seed Token Sale

Current Rate: 1 TKZ = 0.0015 ETH

TKZ tokens

Minimum order: {{ min_eth_purchase }} ETH

Due to regulatory uncertainty, we can not sell TKZ tokens to citizens, residents or entities of the United States and France.

ETH Address will be disclosed soon. Please join our Telegram group to stay updated about the token sale event.